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At Advanced Dental Care of Staford a dental implant, simply put, is an artificial tooth that mimics a natural root and crown. There are a variety of reasons people have implants placed: To replace congenitally missing teeth. To prevent bone loss. When only a root remains with no room to restore a crown. To attach dentures permanently. When a tooth that had a root canal turns a different color than the surrounding teeth. To restore an entire mouth. To replace missing teeth for improved chewing function. For better tooth lifespan. To help distribute the forces of chewing Over the years research has developed incredible technology and material when implants are considered. They offer phenomenal prognosis and we have had incredible patient feedback for appearance and function. When we begin the implant process with someone, Dr. A take on what we like to call, the “quarterback role” when starting the process of dental implants with a patient. They work closely with the oral surgeon in the planning process to make sure the goals are best met through clear communication, skill, and experience. Typically the oral surgeon places the implant and allows 3-6 months of healing time to ensure the tooth is ready for the final restoration. Dr. A then bring their skill into play, finishing the restoration by adding the crown to the root portion of the implant. Because they take placement, gum tissue, and appearance into consideration, they always customize this tooth for each patient. No stock parts under his watch! Rest assured you will have a functional AND pretty tooth!

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